Get Certified

Shop Certification requires:

Step One: Submission of Heavy Duty Shop Certification accompanied with a non-refundable certification fee of $325.00 U.S. for NARSA member shops ($425.00 U.S. for non NARSA member shops)

Step Two: Documentation that the business has been engaged successfully in HD radiator repair for at least one year; and

Step Three: Documentation that the business possesses and maintains the necessary shop equipment as listed in the “List of Necessary Shop Equipment.”

Step Four: Documentation of current business license

Step Five: Documentation of business permits and liability insurance coverage for bodily injury, death and property damage of at least one million dollars.

Step Six: Additionally, within 120 days of receipt of Shop Certification, at least one employee must become certified as a “NARSA HD Radiator Technician.”

Technician Certification requires:

Step One: Documentation demonstrating that the candidate has completed one- year of HD cooling system related work, and

Step Two: Successful completion of a NARSA designed, 40 question examination covering the following areas outlined in the study guide, “NARSA Overhaul Procedures for Heavy-Duty Radiators”:

  • Shop Safety
  • Cleaning
  • Dis-assembly Procedures
  • Overhaul of Solder-Up Radiators
  • Repair Definitions
  • List of Necessary Shop Equipment
  • OSHA Information
  • HD Plastic Tank Procedures
  • Bolt-Up Radiators
  • General Overhaul